Perfect gift

When my mom celebrated her 60th birthday, I kept thinking about what I would give her for her birthday. My mum was still getting something sweet every year or a ring or a bracelet or flowers. I told myself that when my mother celebrated such a jubilee in life that the flowers would be great, of course, and also some good alcohol, only then when I wanted some fun for my mother too. My friend told me that there is just 1 shooting range in Prague where mommy can shoot it right now. She said she`d have a really perfect time there to entertain her and I`m sure she`d be very grateful and happy about it. The shooting in Prague is popular!

The gun and soldier.

And while we`re on the subject of gun fire and the Prague shooting range and mummy. Would you be so afraid to give Mommy a present like this? Believe me, maybe every mummy isn`t exactly the same. Some moms are scared, but some moms want to fire a gun again. I mean, think of it as fun. It`s no big deal. That way, at least, you learn to hold a gun, understand what a gun is, or how a gun is fired, or how a gun might be cleaned. I never knew this at all, that the directive could also be professionally cleaned by me, so if I had a gun in my house, I`d be taking it to a specialist shop to be professionally cleaned. I`d be really scared.

You can try the shooting.

And if you`re wondering how this whole thing ended up, I`m going to tell you this right now. When my mom was shown the building where the shooting range is in Prague, my mom was really surprised. She watched it for about five minutes and couldn`t believe that she was going to shoot, that my mother was going to have a gun in her hand. My mum was really shocked, but she said she was very excited and that her dream had always been to hold a gun in her hand. So, I thought I did really well and I got this gift certificate for my mum when she was celebrating the jubilee of her life. I think mommy to her 60th. She`ll never forget her birthday, because I`ve taken so many pictures of her, she`ll be surprised.