Workshop GeoGebra - Conference on Geometry and Graphics

3D GeoGebra in Descriptive Geometry

Dagmar Dlouhá, Radka Hamříková
Combining 2D and 3D GeoGebra to simplify of tasks in descriptive geometry and improve students’ space understanding.

Games with 3D GeoGebra

Pavla Güttnerová
Creation of warped surfaces and demonstration of certain characteristics of warped surfaces.

Cone and Cylinder Net in GeoGebra

Jana Volná, Petr Volný
We will present how to spread a cone and cylinder surface in GeoGebra, i.e. creation of a cone and cylinder net. GeoGebra in its up-to-date version contains a command to create a net. However, it can be applied only to a pyramid, prism, and Platonic solids.

Tips and Tricks for task creation in GeoGebra

Radomír Paláček, Jana Bělohlávková
Selected applets will show several aspects that can be handy when creating tasks in GeoGebra. Tips include various ways of displaying objects and whole tasks in a single file as well as the possibility of scripting.

Publishing and Sharing of Materials

Zuzana Morávková
We will show publishing of materials in a form of worksheets on the web and their grouping into books. We will also try their subsequent editing and the possibilities of sharing with other users or uploading them on our pages.

GeoGebra Institut Ostrava